I first met Sara in 2009 when my 3 year old dog Ellie was injured. Following a period of lameness it was suggested that Ellie may need surgery to resolve what was thought to be elbow dysplasia. Not being at all convinced by this diagnosis particularly since Ellie had been picked up badly prior to her symptoms and not wishing to subject Ellie to unnecessary surgery, I sought the expert advice of Sara Barnes.

Sara examined Ellie and within a very short time discovered issues with her shoulder muscles (elbow examination revealed no discomfort). Treatment proceeded with Sara, which included a strict exercise regime. At all times Sara explained the issues clearly and how they should be tackled and despite the discomfort I am sure Ellie felt she was always enthusiastic to enter Sara's treatment room. Ellie's muscle injury was quite severe but following a period of treatment her lameness resolved and she was able to exercise again normally including training and competing in agility.

I am so grateful to Sara's professionalism and expertise which meant that Ellie was diagnosed and treated for her injury efficiently and in a caring manor. Ellie is now 7½ and is still running around and doing agility with no further complications. I am not sure the outcome would have been so good without Sara's intervention.




I first met Sara about 12 years ago when our vet diagnosed our 4 year old rescue GSDx with arthritis. She was brilliant and gave us such good advice along with exercises to do at home and weight management. Rosie is now almost 16 years old, which by any standards is a good age for a GSD. She is on pain relief, but not lame and still has a huge enjoyment of life, and especially of hydrotheraphy, which was one of Sara's recommendations.

When my rotti/husky ruptured both her cruciates it seemed obvious to turn to Sara, and yet again she has been brilliant. She explained clearly the purpose of each exercise we were given to do at home, to make sure she walked on different surfaces and to gradually increase the time and intensity of her exercise, while making sure she lost weight.

Both dogs were completely happy to visit her, which made every visit stress free for me as well.

I can't recommend Sara highly enough.